Tomorrow is Opening Night!

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects:

It’s the day before!

I’m in rehearsal now with the team as we put the finishing touches on this profoundly moving opera. The interconnectedness among the performers, despite the fact that they’re not in the same space, really speaks to the way that we’ve been connecting with each other these past 18 months.

It’s technology that’s made it possible to maintain this human connection. Even as we move out of the pandemic, albeit in fits and starts as the delta variant looms, I believe strongly that virtual performance is here to stay. For one thing, it’s pandemic proof; for another, it’s extremely accessible for those of us who cannot or will not enter a physical theater. That’s why we’ve invested, and will continue to invest, in inventing LIVE virtual performance. I believe we’re the only company doing what we’re doing, preserving the essential element of performance – its “LIVENESS” – virtually!

This experiment requires that we iterate, over and over again, on the technology, each iteration taking the next step towards perfecting it. Those of you who have come to the prior two Pandemic Trilogy productions (THANK YOU!) will see the progress we’ve made towards better sync, better resolution, better keying, etc.  Thank you for understanding that new technology is an iterative process.

Please get your ticket now! Opening night is tomorrow night.
Be safe, be well, get your tickets!
Cerise and all of us at White Snake Projects, An Activist Opera Company

Check out our Dress Rehearsal Video: