The Pandemic Trilogy On Demand: January 21–February 28, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce we’re ringing in 2022 with The Pandemic Trilogy — Alice in the PandemicDeath By Life and A Survivor’s Odyssey — on demand from January 21 through February 28. There’ll be lots of additional content including a documentary on the making of the trilogy with interviews with our creatives, artists and technologists. To celebrate 2022, the price for the entire stream is $20.22, with free tickets for those who’d like one.

We are so proud of the Trilogy; of our team, of their can-do attitude and awesome courage in commissioning, creating, developing and producing three world premieres in one year to address the pressing social issues which surfaced during lockdown.

We’ve all heard about Tutti Remote, invented by Jon Robertson our audio engineer, and our use of Unreal Engine, led by Curvin Huber. But it’s time to give a shout-out to Tian Hui Ng who assumed his position as White Snake Projects’ intrepid Music Director during this time. Our music making would not be possible without Tian’s coaching and his process of “conducting” without using his hands!

The Pandemic Trilogy has earned many well deserved accolades. Alice in the Pandemic was acquired by the Library of Congress for its artistic excellence. Alice also received a thumbs up from This Week In NY as “Best Use of Technology in A Virtual Opera” (2021). Death By Life and A Survivor’s Odyssey were selected by the same publication as “Best Livestreamed Opera” (2022), continuing WSP’s “inspiring barrier-breaking livestreamed digital presentations.”COVID-19 is spiking again and we’re worn and weary. Let’s sit down and reflect on how the pandemic can also inspire courage and creativity. Turn on your computers, TVs, or other devices and come watch The Pandemic Trilogy with us.