Take a Tour Through Alice’s World

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects:

We’re excitedly (and frantically) developing Alice in the Pandemic. We started this project in May, and we have finished the music “workshop” and are moving forward on orchestra rehearsals, all in the new world of cyberspace! The tech team is forging ahead with creating the 3D animation which will be the alternate reality Alice encounters when she takes a dive down the rabbit hole.

Here are some screenshots of the environments we’re creating:

Night time scenes at the fair


Inside the White Rabbit’s home
Subway scene with the White Rabbit
Subway scene with the White Rabbit
3D rendering of the ice queen
The Ice Queen

And here’s a City Tour of the city Alice gets lost in as she wanders around searching for her mom:

Be safe, be well, and have a great end of summer!
Cerise and all of us at White Snake Projects.