A Note from Cerise

I can't believe we're embarking on the music workshop of Dan Visconti's PermaDeath at NEC! Read More

We did it!

REV. 23 premiered to standing ovations from you, our audience! And what an audience you’ve been—engaged, supportive, receptive and thoughtful. Read More

REV. 23 on Open Studios with Jared Bowen

Watch Cerise Lim Jacobs discuss REV. 23 on Open Studios with Jared Bowen. Read More

Be my guest to REV. 23

At a recent visit to the hairdresser, when I had my head upside down in the sink, the apprentice washing my hair said she'd seen me on TV last year. Read More

Week One of Rehearsal

We’ve just finished the first week of REV. 23 rehearsals. After four years of working on this opera, it’s finally here—the mystery of creation, the compromise of collaboration and the slow almost plodding process of bringing a new work to fruition—it’s here! I’m exhausted and elated. Read More

Director’s Note: Mark Streshinsky on REV. 23

I first met Cerise Jacobs after one of my productions with Boston Baroque. She hugged me and told me how funny the show was (yes, Baroque can be funny!). I told her I liked to do comedy and got really antsy when I couldn’t find anything in an opera for the audience to at least chuckle about… Read More

Animation with Catriona Baker

Catriona Baker, Assistant Professor and Interim Chair of Animation at Lesley University, with her students, has created original animation for White Snake Project’s new opera, REV. 23. She, with two student teams, have developed both a thirty-second animation and two augmented reality animations. Read More

Beyond Eschaton or End Times

REV. 23 or Revelation 23, is the hypothetical, fantastical hitherto unpublished last chapter of the Book of Revelation, if St. John the Divine had written a 23rd chapter. Read More

Meet Micro Jackson

Micro Jackson got her moniker because she's microscopic (as a teacup chihuahua, she fits in a teacup), she's black, and has a white glove. She began exhibiting signs of being a diva very early on and got her first acting break at the MSPCA in Boston where she took over the staff and the facility with her dramatic exegesis of “Killing Me Softly,” rendered very loudly. Read More

Where in the World is Charles Jacobs Now?

I dreamed up REV. 23 one day as I was thinking of where I would meet my husband Charles again since he passed from this world. It amused me that my incorrigible, irascible and impossible husband wouldn't be caught dead (pardon the pun) in Paradise (not that he'd be entirely welcome there) as some of the most interesting people seem to be consigned to that other place. Read More

My Next Opera Projects

Thank you for supporting “the most ambitious opera undertaking Boston has ever seen” (Berkshire Fine Arts)—the Ouroboros Trilogy—which premiered last year to great acclaim. I’m attaching a short trailer of the show for you to enjoy! Read More

Blood Rubies Was a Huge Success

Colleen Daly gave a stirring performance of Persophone's gorgeous aria, Blood Rubies, at the Boston New Music Festival Kickoff in early November. Read More

October piano vocal workshop performances at NEC

Can't wait for the October piano vocal workshop performances at NEC. We're hard at work rewriting the libretto based on discoveries made at the workshops led by the indomitable Josh Major. Our team is eating, carousing and writing, as it should be! Read More