SOS Was a Success!

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects:

A BIG thank you to our audience for coming to Sing Out Strong: Immigrant Voices and to our artists for making music and telling stories from their hearts. I am so grateful to all of you who made our inaugural SOS successful. The three concerts in August at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, Pao Arts Center, and WBUR CitySpace were filled with appreciative audience members who were moved, often to tears, by the stories of survival and perseverance as the songs created a healing space in the aftermath of El Paso. Marina Lopez, one of our SOS composers wrote:

“It is rare when you see your music become part of something genuine and relevant. I want to thank you and your team for the opportunity to have an outlet for some of the harsher emotions I’ve been feeling of late, and for creating a space where they can transcend and become part of our collective narrative of resilience.”

A performance at SOS: Immigrant Voices at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge
Left to right: Julia Scott Carey, Vera Savage, and Min Jin Chung. Photo: Kendall Bartel

We’re proud that SOS is fulfilling its mission of integrating Art + Activism—it’s giving composers and writers, many of whom are emerging and diverse or who have never created a song before, the opportunity to tell their stories. This participation at the grassroots level is crucial to community involvement, not just as audience members, but as creators. 

We’ll see you at next year’s Sing Out Strong: DeColonized Voices, inspired by 2020’s Cosmic Cowboy, an opera that explores the impacts of past colonization, and examines our attempts to colonize space by the 2030s. Help us continue SOS into the future by making a contribution.

Thank you!


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