Sing Out Strong: Incarcerated Voices, “Why They Wanna Cage Us”

Why They Wanna Cage Us
Text by James Soto, music by Del’Shawn Taylor

They tell us to live on minimum wages
That’s outrageous.
Put us on public aid so our mama can raise us,
That’s supposed to save us.
We learn to survive, life don’t phase us.
But when we hustle in ‘dem streets
They wanna cage us.

When we see the police kill one of us
It enrages us.
But if they don’t kill us,
They wanna cage us.
The world’s lockdown for a virus
Just another way to cage us.
If they really want to save us,
Don’t enslave us.

Abolish 13th Amendment – don’t try to cage us.
Free us from incarceration,
Give us true liberation,
Like free higher education.
Black and brown bodies locked up in cages
When will the system change for us?
Unchain us!

Somebody please tell me why they wanna cage us?