Sing Out Strong: Incarcerated Voices, “All of Us, In Prison”

All of Us, In Prison Text by Jevon Jackson, music by Adore Alexander Some prisons are pistol-thick, core-earth dense with a long electric fence that wraps around, and some prisons are softer than the molecules in muslin, as it drapes across the bundled bed, clinging to your body; Some prisons taste like salt, copper, sludge when you bite and crunch down to the marrow, and some prisons are Gorgonzola and challah bread, enough to comfort you from leaving; Some prisons sit on ominous hills, hundreds of miles from where your mother, brother, daughter lives, and some prisons are closer than the whip speed of electrochemicals that dodge collisions in the brain; Some prisons have unassuming names, like this: Havenworth, Hiker’s Island, Eagle’s Bay, The New Lisbon Correctional Institute, and some prisons are simply called by their God-fearing names: Heroin, Oxycontin, Vodka, Blackjack, Molested For Years By Him; some prisons, by the night, will never let you go, and some prisons, in the light, will never let you go.

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