Reflections on Opening Night of “Alice”

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects:

WE DID IT!  We took maiden technology for its first outing and got to the end of the show with only a hiccup.  We made a world premiere opera remotely.  We synced our singers live to 3G animation and music.  We are proud of ourselves, our team, our artists and you, our audience for taking a risk on us.
Strange to say, I’m proudest of the moments we had to call HOLD in order to fix technical difficulties on the fly.  I’m proudest of these moments because they demonstrate the sheer professionalism of our team, their expertise and yes, their nerves of steel, as they methodically got us back up again.  One of our audience members put this really well:
“It was Epic . . .  Even the technical glitches were awesome. They gave the show a certain humanity. Everyone knew that a live team was furiously working on this and we had faith that it would all be back to normal soon.”  Eran E.
Congratulations, dear team.  This was risk taking at its best.  Hard core ground breaking good!
Another sleepless night, but this time, it’s the elation!

Be safe, be well, be elated,Cerise and all of us at White Snake Projects, An Activist Opera Company