Show Out Boston!


Show Out Boston!


Show Out Boston! is White Snake Projects’ dynamic youth arts community engagement program. It celebrates the work of Boston’s youth arts organizations on a city-wide stage, opening collaborative channels among these mission-aligned organizations by giving them a common platform to showcase their artists. It is also a first step in listening to and building connections with youth arts organizations, with a goal of eventually co-creating operas written, composed, and performed by young people.

The event will open with food and drink from local vendors. A gallery and presentation space will feature some of the best visual art created by youth in Boston, and partner organizations will have tables set up to share their stories and their work. The second half of the evening will feature performances by our partner organizations. Our spring 2023 show we featured our partners at Area 51, Boston Children’s Chorus, Boston Music Project, Transformative Culture Project, The Record Co, Zumix and are excited to continue this year growing our Boston performing arts community.

White Snake Projects' 2023-2024 programming is supported by a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation. Our programming is also supported the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mass Cultural Council, the Boston Cultural Council, Reopen Creative Boston Fund, administered by the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture and the Ditson Fund.