Let’s Celebrate!


“​​Let’s Celebrate!” is an annual series drawing on diverse cultural traditions to supplement traditional holiday programming with shows reflective of White Snake Projects’ beautiful and diverse community of artists and opera lovers.

This iteration of “Let’s Celebrate!” embraces the traditions and stories of Kali Puja (a celebration of the Hindu goddess of death and rebirth, Kali), Eid al-Fitr (the breaking of the fast at Ramadan), Puerto Rico’s coqui frogs, and a multicultural family's celebration of Thanksgiving.

White Snake Projects' 2023-2024 programming is supported by a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation. Our programming is also supported the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mass Cultural Council, the Boston Cultural Council, Reopen Creative Boston Fund, administered by the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture and the Ditson Fund.


A Festive Opera Series that Expands the Meaning of Celebration

This season's "Let's Celebrate!" draws on a wide range of cultural traditions to supplement traditional holiday programming with stories reflective of White Snake Projects' beautiful and diverse community of artists and opera lovers. Those of you who attended the inaugural launch of this series last year were treated to stories based on the Day of the Dead, the Spring Festival, Havdalah and Eid al-Adha in four 20-minute music theater works. This season's Let's Celebrate! introduces new stories and traditions:

"My Little Coqui"
celebrating Puerto Rico's endemic tree frogs
Little children in Puerto Rico survive a once-in-a-century hurricane and flood when they are transformed by a magical river spirit into little frogs that sing every night.

"Jo Dooba So Paar"
Celebrating Eid al-Fitr
A young man's heart breaks during a family gathering to celebrate the breaking of the fast at Ramadan when he learns that his friend, for whom he has feelings, is marrying a woman and leaving the ambiguous love they have for each other.

"Kali Puja"
Celebrating the festival of the Hindu Goddess of Destruction
A young man transitions into womanhood, drawing on Kali's strength and magic to destroy their old self and be reborn as a woman. Composed by a young composer in the process of transitioning.

"Tamale Dumpling"
Celebrating a multicultural Thanksgiving melding Mexican and Chinese traditions
A young Chinese woman brings home her Mexican fiance at Thanksgiving to the great consternation of her traditional Asian family.

Creative Team

Cerise Lim Jacobs Opera Maker + Librettist
Omar Najmi Jo Dooba So Paar Composer/Librettist
Stephanie Chou Tamal Dumpling Composer/Librettist
Avik Sarkar Mother Goddess Composer/Librettist
Iván Enrique Rodríguez My Little Coqui Composer/Librettist
Tianhui Ng Music Director
Laine Rettmer Stage Director
Rebecca Butler Costume Designer
Senia Novak Projections Designer
Jamie Lorusso Rehersal Pianist
Nate Weaver Lighting Designer
Emma Whiteside Prop Designer

Production & Technical Team

Han Huling Production Manager
Jeffrey Petersen Technical Director
Curvin Huber Director of Innovation
Nate Weaver Arts Administrator
Luke Damrosch Audio Engineer


Erin Merceruio Nelson Devi - Mother Goddess
Zainab - Jo Dooba So Paar
Megan Roth Maria - My Little Coqui
Kali - Mother Goddess
Khadija - Jo Dooba So Paar
Chelsea Baccay Katie - TamaleDumpling
Carmen/Mother of All Fish - My Little Coqui
Jeannette Lee Grandma Lily - TamaleDumpling
Joel Clemens Max - TamaleDumpling
Avik (before transformation) - Mother Goddess
Farraz - Jo Dooba So Paar
Nina Evelyn Anderson Krishna (after transformation) Mother Goddess
Michael Gonzales Rohail – Jo Dooba So Paar
Nadia Ruberg Child - My Little Coqui