Jorge Sosa

Cerise Lim Jacobs
Creator and Librettist

Cori Ellison

Art by Joe Hamman



A new look at old Monkey, the greatest quest hero from ancient times

With his comrades-in-arms, Zhu, a heavenly Marshall reincarnated into a Pig for his evil, gluttonous ways, and Sha, once a princess, now a sand monster who devours unwary travellers, this unlikely trio journeys west. They become disciples and protectors of the Monk sent by Buddha to retrieve the holy Sutras in the hopes that this journey will bring each of them their own personal salvation. An ancient Wizard of Oz tale for our times. Read the full synopsis

Creative Team

Jorge Sosa Composer
Cerise Lim Jacobs Librettist


The Inspiration

MONKEY is one of those beloved folktales every Asian child grows up with. It’s supposed to be a Buddhist morality tale but as it’s been handed down over the ages, it’s become a great adventure quest saga. I’ve always wanted to write about dear MONKEY, he of the “monkey mind”, the ever restless, ever-changing, ever curious quicksilver mind. Perhaps I feel some affinity for his plight as all around try to tame him and teach him the virtue of stillness. READ CERISE LIM JACOBS’ INSPIRATION...

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