Prison Lawyer

Remembering Eric William Warner
By Hank Warner

We grew up collecting pollywogs after big rains
Eric and I
Adventuring new horizons on bikes
Imitating major leaguers in the schoolyard
And singing along to “American Pie”
Eric and I

Life was simple
Life was good

Then things changed

Eric and I grew apart
Until he began serving a life sentence
We reconnected through letters
And like workout partners
We began a regimen for building
His mental and emotional strength

Eric studied law in the prison library
Helping others fight for their rights
They called him “Prison Lawyer”
A dude serving a life sentence
Helping others for free
All he said was,”Just don’t forget me
When you get out”

Eric loved Amanda, who was battling cancer
They met on the phone and inspired each other
To live with dignity
They met once in person, a magical moment
Before she died a few days later

Having an only brother incarcerated for life
Leaves a hole in your heart
Full of shame
But that hole is mending
I no longer feel ashamed
I am proud of my brother, Eric William Warner
“Just don’t forget me when you get out”

Eric William Warner died of Covid-19 on July 25, 2021. He was 57.