Visionaries Podcast

Introducing the Opus Affair Podcast series, entitled “Visionaries.” So proud to be featured in its first episode. I discuss how White Snake Projects evolved into the activist company it is today, creating original and socially relevant opera, many of which innovate with the latest audio and video technology. PermaDeath is our fifth opera – hard to believe. Looking back at our shows, what sticks in my mind is the way you, our audience, have embraced the experience White Snake Projects has created. Your responsiveness, your jumping to your feet to applaud the artistry of the cast and production, and your anticipation of our next show, makes all the hard work, obstacles and sleepless nights worth it! Thank you!



The Opus Affair podcast launches with a series on Visionaries—arts leaders who are not content work within the status quo and are blazing their own trails. Graham Wright, founder of Opus Affair, hosts the podcast along with Chris Voss from WCRB who is the editor and producer.

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