Ticket Access Program

Anyone who wants to go to the opera should be able to. For every opera we produce, we will hold one third of the ticket inventory to be given away through TAP. These tickets will be made available through vouchers which may be requested on a production-by-production basis.

TAP, White Snake Projects’ Ticket Access Program, is central to our vision of social activism and inclusion.  There is no more effective tool for cross-cultural understanding than cultural immersion through music, drama and dance.  Art can be transformative, especially socially relevant art which transmutes the potent, painful issues that plague us today through its clarifying lens.  In a world where ugliness seems to predominate, those of us who can have an obligation to create beauty and to share this beauty with those who cannot otherwise participate on their own.  Hence TAP is an imperative for us as we create opera of the 21st century for all audiences.

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