Call For Artists

Tutti Remote New Works Workshop for Composers

Produced by White Snake Projects and Tutti Remote


Introducing an innovative new approach to creating from remote locations, we invite composers to submit short songs (scored for mezzo-soprano and piano) to be selected for our workshop series. Composers will be given the opportunity to work with a prominent mentor in this new paradigm using Tutti Remote as the workshop platform. The workshop is a ticketed event for a small audience and will culminate in a live audio broadcast of their new work after undergoing revisions during the workshop. The composer will receive full resolution recordings of the piece at the conclusion of the workshop.

The workshop is produced by White Snake Projects, using the new app Tutti Remote, which syncs, records, and broadcasts live audio from any location. The mezzo-soprano is in Miami, while the pianist is in Los Angeles. The selected composer will participate from their home. Each participant of the workshop will be logged into Tutti Remote which will have the composer’s MIDI score inserted and used as a guide for the musicians to workshop and perform with. The workshop will be led by mentor and music director, Tianhui Ng, director of the New Victory Players. All technical requirements of the workshop will be managed by Jon Robertson, creator of Tutti Remote. The workshop is produced by Cerise Jacobs, executive producer of White Snake Projects.

Scored for mezzo-soprano and piano
Never-before performed songs only
Composers may submit drafts of their song with significant portions complete
Duration: short song – 3-4 minutes ideally
Must be scored in a digital format with the ability to export MIDI files

Score Submissions Due: June 24, 2022
Selected Composer Notified by: June 27, 2022
Score and MIDI Due: July 1, 2022
Technical Set up Meetings: TBD between July 2-July 9
Live Workshop: July 11, 2022 8PM ET
Performers: Mezzo-soprano, Pianist

Production Team:
Producer: Cerise Lim Jacobs
Mentor: Tianhui Ng
Engineer: Jon Robertson

Submission guidelines:
Composers will submit their work in PDF format with a brief cover letter describing their interest in working in the new paradigm with musicians in remote locations.
Submissions due by June 24, 2022

Submit PDF works and cover letter to: [email protected]

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