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White Snake Projects creates diverse, timely, and relevant operas based on original stories by Cerise Lim Jacobs

Upcoming Productions

Cosmic Cowboy—Boston 2022
Monkey: A Kung Fu Parable—Boston 2022

Sing Out Strong: Essential Voices

Sing Out Strong is a multi-year community-based project in which we reach out to ordinary people in our community and commission them to write texts on activist themes that resonate with them personally, such as immigration and colonization.

Cosmic Cowboy

You are the lone cowboy Silhouetted against your comet's fiery tail Riding the endless cosmos Into the deepest darkness.

Alice in the Pandemic

Time is elastic. Today is like yesterday like tomorrow.

I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams

An immigrant story that explores what it means to be American.

Monkey: A Kung Fu Parable

A new look at old Monkey, the greatest quest hero from ancient times.


PermaDeath, or Permanent Death, is not tautologous in the world of videogames.

REV. 23

The Book of Revelation ends at chapter 22. Or does it?

Madame White Snake

The 2011 Pulitzer Prize-winning opera, is the story of a white snake demon who longs to become human to experience love.


Naga is the story of a young Monk who renounces everything to find nirvana.


Ming, the half-demon son of Madame White Snake, is a character closely related to the Sumerian demi-god Gilgamesh.

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