Michael, Max and Me

Remembering Michael Johnson
From his wife, Sandra Johnson

I met Michael online
He was in the Bronx
I was in Brazil
After seven months of talking
He flew to Brazil with a ring

We were married for fifteen years
I loved this dry tough black man
Who was not for everyone
But perfect for me
We got Max, a chihuahua, our baby
We made a family
Michael, Max and me

Every night, we’d sit on the sofa
Watching TV
Michael, Max and me
Every night Michael read the Bible to us
Michael, Max and me

To teach me English
He bought kids’ books and read to me
In his beautiful deep voice
Like Darth Vader’s
It was always Michael, Max and me
Until Michael was hospitalized
For a series of strokes
Right when Covid struck

The hospital transferred him
To a nursing home
Where Michael died alone
I persuaded the funeral home
To let me see him one last time
We stood by his coffin
Max and me
And so it was at the end
Michael, Max and me


Michael Johnson died of Covid-19 on April 10, 2020. He was 61.