Meet the SOS Writers

SOS: Immigrant Voices Writers
Clockwise from left: Ewa Chrusciel, Joel Louis, Chun Yan Lin, Fiorella Valle, Helen Zhibing Huang, Heloiza Barbosa, Daniela Sanchez, Rute Pires, Melody Maduro, Jonathon Figuero, Ivete Souza, Irene Da Silva, Jorge Sosa

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects,

Last month, you met the 10 composers of Sing Out Strong: Immigrant Voices. This month, please meet the immigrant writers they’ve been paired with: 

From Brazil, mother and daughter, Irene Da Silva and Ivete Souza who were separated for 10 years by our government’s immigration policies before being reunited; and, Heloiza Barbosa, who received her Ph.D. from Boston University. Two of our writers are part of the artistic/creative team of I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams: Helen Zhibing Huang a soprano from China, who sings the part of Singa, and Jorge Sosa the composer of the piece. Several are learning English at the International Learning Center: Joel Louis who emigrated from Haiti, works as a cook at Encore; Daniela Sanchez from Venezuela dreams of being a translator to help other immigrants; Fiorella Valle from El Salvador loves to cook; and Chun Yan Lin from China loves the freedom in America. We also have students from Boston International High School, a local high school for immigrants: Rute Pires, from Cape Verde, who loves reading, soccer and learning about social justice, Jonathon Figuero from Guatemala who likes poetry and heavy metal; and, Melody Maduro from the Dominican Republic who plays on the varsity volleyball team. Rounding out our diverse group of writers is Ewa Chrusciel, a poet, teacher, and translator from Poland. 

Read more about our writers and their work on here or by clicking on the image above.


Cerise, Creator + Librettist
Founder, White Snake Projects
An Activist Opera Company