Songwriters Selected for Sing Out Strong: Essential Voices

We’re proud to announce the songwriters for Sing Out Strong: Essential Voices, which will premiere in an ALL-LIVE concert in December 2020. Essential Voices continues to amplify the voices of essential workers — the heroes who are keep us safe through the pandemic — just as Alice in the Pandemic does. In SOS: Essential Voices, we will hear the actual words of these heroes set to music by these songwriters:

Eric Delgado/ Geovanna de Andrade          A Teaching Aide’s Heartache
Matt Frey/ Veronica Rua                I Have A Bag Full of Dreams
Patrick Holcomb/ Felino Taruc        What Will Happen to the Children?
Michael Ippolito/ Andrea Rocha    The Privilege of Witnessing a Last Breath
Breezy Love/ Melhim Bou Alwan          Crying With Co-Workers
Jerod Tate/ Sophina Calderon             Navajo Nation Strong
Dylan Tran/ Chiruza Muhimuzi          My Life After Corona
XiRen Wang/ Li Yang                                Kitchen Melody
Stefan Weisman/ Edward Rippe                “Crack, Crack”
Marina Lopez/ Trevor Tom        Neither Snow nor Rain…Nor Coronavirus,
Nor Politics…

Congratulations to our songwriters!  We can’t wait to hear your songs when they premiere in December 2020.

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