Join Us For Sing Out Strong: DeColonized Voices

Photo by Kendall Bartel

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects:

We hope that you are all well and safe. While all theaters and opera houses are dark, we’re grateful that the performing arts are not “dark” as arts organizations turn to digital platforms to share music and opera. As much as I love viewing the world’s greatest opera productions online, I miss, very much, the feeling that opera is a shared activity, the fellowship of the audience, our collective gasps of wonder, our sobs when we’re moved, and the magic of live performance with all its flaws and glitches. I’ve been wracking my brains as to how we can possibly capture some of this fellowship, as opposed to the solitary activity of sitting alone in front of our computers. Here’s what our team has come up with:

On May 13 at 8pm, White Snake Projects will present the world premiere of eight to ten songs commissioned for Sing Out Strong: DeColonized Voices, in a Zoom concert that will be as close to “live” as possible. Technology has not been developed for fully live streaming performances with musicians spread over different locations. To navigate this hurdle, we will pre-record the piano and cello parts. Our singers will perform LIVE to this accompaniment. You, our audience, will be muted during the performance of each song, but we’ll unmute you when it ends so you can clap and cheer, just as you would in a concert. We’re also streaming the show live on Facebook and YouTube, but we recommend that you join us on Zoom for the full experience!

Clapping for workers on the front lines has become a communal catharsis in some communities. Let us make this occasion one where we clap together to applaud our artists and all who work to keep us fed and safe. And there’s an extra bonus—you can live chat during the performance, something you can’t do in a concert hall!  

There’s no admission charge for this concert, but we ask those of you who can afford it, to donate in support of the neediest among us – our communities of color, and immigrants, especially those who are undocumented. Those of us who are able to practice social distancing are privileged indeed; the most vulnerable among us don’t have that luxury. The CARES Act does not provide for them, and even if they are eligible, many new immigrants are intimidated by paperwork, language barriers, and fear that asking for help will jeopardize their status in the US. One of our partners, the Boston International Newcomers Academy (BINCA), serves new immigrant families. WSP has worked with students at BINCA to write lyrics for some of the songs performed at this concert. Please support BINCA’s mission by visiting our PayPal page, click the “Make A Donation Now” button, and write Boston International in the NOTE section. 

Please RSVP in advance to this registration link to reserve your spot. 

Wishing you the best of health; may you find reserves deep within yourselves,

Cerise and all of us at White Snake Projects, An Activist Opera Company