Introducing SOS: Immigrant Voices Composers

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects,

I’d like to introduce our Sing Out Strong: Immigrant Voices‘ composers. We selected ten composers from a large pool of applicants and paired them with ten immigrant writers to make immigrant songs. They represent the diversity that is Boston and we’re proud to include them in the roster of our artists.

Anais Azul is a first-generation Peruvian-American singer-songwriter. Michele Cheng, Shuying Li, and George Lam are Chinese music makers and educators who hail from different Chinese backgrounds: Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong, respectively. Sheela Ramesh and Avik Sarkar come from Indian families and Jorge Sosa (who is also the composer of I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams) and Marina Lopez are originally from Mexico. Kate Pukinskis is Latvian-American and Oliver Caplan is an American passionate about immigrant issues. They are all united in their belief that SOS will amplify immigrant voices and be a force for social change. 



Sing Out Strong: Immigrant Voices Composers
Clockwise from left: Avik Sarkar, Anais Azul, Oliver Caplan, George Lam, Marina Lopez, Jorge Sosa, Shuying Li, Sheela Ramesh, Kate Pukinskis, Michele Cheng