“If I can do this, you can too.”

Summer! What a sweet and savory word combining the umami of the seasons. We who live in New England wait all year for this. As I write, we’re deep into the heart of summer, and I’m trying to steal a little time to savor the clear blue skies and green hills.

While we’re enjoying this rejuvenating respite from w—–, (that which shall not be named), I thought I’d introduce you to an app we’ve been developing with Becker College. Led by Ryan Canuel, an alumnus of the College and founder of Petricore Games, the students have made a fun way to explore the characters and environments of this opera.

I created a fictional video game for the opera (called PermaDeath – yes, you’ve guessed it!) with two teams – Team Phoebus, the team of light, and Team Nyx, the team of darkness. The individual team members are all Greek gods and they play/fight through all their old rivalries and enmities. You don’t have to know anything about Greek mythology to enjoy the opera and follow its storyline, but if you wanted to learn a little about Greek gods or brush up on high school knowledge, you can download the app for your Apple or Android device.


  • When you’ve done so, please touch the “TURN ON AR” button, which will take you to a live camera.
  • Point the camera to the TRIGGERS and watch the characters come to life.

PermaDeath is age appropriate for anyone 13 and older, so please bring your kids to the opera. If they’re looking for a little entertainment this summer, have them download the app and/or enlist them to help you download and use it!

Have a great rest of the summer and I’ll see you in September!

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