I Am A Dreamer Gets Pittsburgh Premiere

I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams is back! YAY! It’s opening in Pittsburgh October 14-16 and I cannot wait to see it again. Produced by Resonance Works and conducted by Dreamer conductor, Maria Sensi Sellner, it’s just as relevant as the day it premiered in Boston in September 2019 as White Snake Projects’ response to Trump’s revocation of DACA.

US Immigration policy (if there is one) is as chaotic, cruel and unpredictable as ever with immigrants being used as political pawns as they’re shuttled around to different locations like cattle.

Composer Jorge Sosa and I are heading off to Pittsburgh to re-experience this powerful story of:
Two children, worlds apart—one flies, one walks—to America.
Two girls, divergent lives—one green card, one undocumented—in America.
Two women—different struggles, disparate hopes—for America.
Two friends, shared dreams, one journey—through America.

Please join us if you’re in Pittsburgh.

Learn more about the production and get tickets here.