Five Days Until Opening Night!

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects:

It’s the week of! We’re counting the days until Friday, September 24 when we open A Survivor’s Odyssey. Time is zipping by and I wish for a few extra hours each day to run that scene again, to add hair on the pigs, to rebuild the lighting, to polish some transitions, to. . . It’s a never ending list of adjustments and tweaks to sharpen the show’s production values.

Producing online is so different from producing in the theater. It requires vast reserves of patience and perseverance to work in cyberspace. To give you an idea of how we’ve compressed space, here’s where the team who would normally be together in the same space is located:White Snake Projects: Boston, Massachusetts

Stage Director: New Jersey
Musicians: MA, Florida, Tennessee, Maryland, Vermont, California, New York
Stage Manager: Ohio
Audio Engineer: Missouri

Broadcast Engineer: New York

This team brings the artistry, musicianship and technology together in real time to create the live virtual show you will experience in a few days.

Here’s a clip of how we make the animated pigs to brighten your Monday!

Be safe, be well, get tickets!
Cerise and all of us at White Snake Projects, An Activist Opera Company