The Pandemic Trilogy On Demand

January 21–February 28, 2022

In the spring of 2020, with live performances shut down around the world, White Snake Projects embarked on an unprecedented journey into digital opera. The result was The Pandemic Trilogy: three new, virtual operas, performed live in cyberspace.

Alice in the Pandemic premiered in October 2020, inspired by the experiences of essential frontline workers. Created in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, Death By Life explored the intersection of systemic racism and mass incarceration in America. The final opera, A Survivor’s Odyssey, used characters from Homer’s epic poem to address the surge in sexual and intimate partner violence.

For the first time, all three operas are available for streaming on demand. The package also includes a short documentary about their creation, and other bonus content. To celebrate 2022, the price for the entire stream is $20.22, with free tickets for those who’d like one. Check back on January 21 for the link.