Sing Out Strong: Immigrant Voices

August 1, 2019 6pm
Multicultural Arts Center

Multicultural Arts Center
41 Second Street, Cambridge, MA 02141
SING OUT STRONG: Immigrant Voice

Join us for Sing Out Strong: Immigrant Voices, a free concert of new songs based on the stories and experiences of Boston area immigrants. Sing Out Strong features composers from Peru, Latvia, India, China, Taiwan, and Mexico and writers from Haiti, Vietnam, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and China. Composers and writers have been paired up to amplify stories of the immigrant experience through song and to celebrate the contributions of immigrant artists to our city and culture. Join us in celebrating these new American songs!

Composers: Anais Azul, Michele Cheng, Sheela Ramesh, Shuying Li, Jorge Sosa, Marina Lopez, Avik Sarkar, George Lam, Oliver Caplan, Katherine Pukinskis

Writers: Ewa Chrusciel, Heloiza Barbosa, Helen Huang, Irene da Silva & Ivete Souza, Chu Yan Lin, Rute Pires, Joel Louis, Jorge Sosa, Jonathan Figueroa, Melody Maduro, Daniela Sanchez, Fiorella Valle, Huiqing Shao

Musicians: Melissa Joseph (soprano), Vera Savage (mezzo-soprano), Julia Scott Carey (piano), Minjin Chung (cello)

Read the lyrics and learn more about the writers and composers.