I Am A Dreamer Gets Pittsburgh Premiere

I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams is back! YAY! It’s opening in Pittsburgh October 14-16 and I cannot wait… Read More

Update on the Dreamers!

We hope this new year finds you safe and well. Now that the excitement of the inauguration has abated, I’d like to share with you… Read More

Immigration: Dreaming of A Real Future

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects: Thank you for attending our forum, Immigration: Dreaming of A Real Future, and thank you to… Read More

Now for Some Good News

In these pandemic times where good news is scarce, we’re overjoyed to share with you some great news on the White Snake front! Read More

Working Towards Justice and Equality for All

Today we honor and celebrate Juneteenth, as well a victory for Dreamers. We renew our pledge as an activist opera company to support and work for #BlackLivesMatter and towards a day when there is truly justice and equality for all. Read More

Next Stop, Pittsburgh!

I’m thrilled to share the news that last year’s timely immigrant story, I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams, will premiere at the… Read More

Press Release: Resonance Works Pittsburgh becomes the second company to present acclaimed immigration opera, ‘I Am a Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams.’

On October 23 & 25, RESONANCE WORKS will open its 2020-2021 season with I Am a Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams at the New Hazlett Theater on Pittsburgh’s North Side. A collaboration between composer Jorge Sosa and creator and librettist Cerise Lim Jacobs, this acclaimed new opera champions the near-perpetual struggles of immigrants and the often-overlooked complexities of their stories. Building on its reputation for bringing the most important new American music to Pittsburgh audiences, Resonance Works becomes only the second company to present this celebrated new work. Read More

Press Release: White Snake Projects’ I Am a Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams Wows Critics, While Cerise Jacobs and Julian Wachner’s REV. 23 Receives New Production at Prototype Festival (Jan 17-18)

Following a chorus of critical praise for creator and librettist Cerise Jacobs and composer Jorge Sosa’s immigrant-themed opera, I Am a Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams, Jacobs’s opera REV. 23, composed by Julian Wachner, will receive its New York premiere in a new production by Los Angeles-based director James Darrah at the 2020 Prototype Festival (Jan 17-18). Read More

Looking Back on I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams

It's been a month since we closed I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams, An Immigrant Story. And what a month it was. Read More

Activist Blog: “We All Have Learning to Do”

I can’t think of any recent moment in which I have been more moved than I was while watching the premiere of I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams. It was truly a masterpiece; a work that was eye-opening and intimate in addition to its unquestionable beauty. Upon leaving, I felt shaken by its tragedy, but also empowered by its delivery, especially since it was done with a brilliant all-female cast. Read More

A Note From Dreamer Director Elena Araoz

This opera about immigrants is deeply and entirely American. Read More

Q+A with Kirsten Chambers

Soprano Kirsten Chambers has her hands full in I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams, playing the gangsters who threaten Singa and Rosa's families, their mothers, and Rosa's prosecutor. Kirsten took a break from juggling so many roles to talk about being in Dreamer. Read More

Activist Blog: Thoughts About Dreamer

Stories about Dreamers have dominated headlines in recent months due to the Trump administration’s crackdown on immigration. We are bombarded with statistics and it becomes nearly impossible to pick out the truth from the mess of “alternative facts”. One day, the public will be uplifted by the stories of undocumented immigrants who have met great success, and the next, there will be heart-wrenching videos of traumatized children sitting alone in cages. Read More

Workshops, White Snakes, and More!

What a joy to speak with you about a vibrant and dynamic collaborator In I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams—the Boston Children’s Chorus led by Choral Director, Jason Holmes! BCC hosted a three-day music workshop for Dreamer in November 2018 and showed us their musical chops! Read More

Dreamer Workshop Thoughts From the BCC

A few months ago, we held the first workshop for I Am a Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams with the full cast, including the Boston Children's Chorus, under the direction of Jason Holmes. After the workshop, Jason had them reflect on the opera. This what they said. Read More

Press Release: Creator and Librettist Cerise Jacobs Teams with Composer Jorge Sosa for Immigrant Opera, I Am a Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams

The newest project from creator and librettist Cerise Jacobs takes on an unusually topical subject for opera: immigration. Read More