XiRen is a Third-Culture pianist-composer-DJ. Having been classically trained since theage of 5, the music and soundscapes she creates are as much autobiographical as they are observational, reflective, and cerebral. Her original scores have often been described as evocative, haunting, with attention always paid to her “strong innovative approach to ancient Chinese music characteristics.” XiRen has worked extensively with both Eastern and Western orchestras, and scores for both stage and screen. Her love for fusing classical with electronic elements is both driving force and result of her being a Scratch Academy DJ, after studying traditional composition at Juilliard. You can hear her music on TV and off-Broadway, but these days, it’s mostly Spotify. XiRen believes in art diplomacy, and is so honored to be creating new work for an activist opera company. It’s a commitment and re-commitment to a better future, one that we don’t yet see, but fervently believe in.