Xiao Shi


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Cosmic Cowboy—Boston 2022

Xiao Shi is a software engineer, researcher, and freelance tenor based in Boston. After obtaining a B.S. in computer science from Yale in 2015, Xiao spent the past 6.5 years at Facebook (presently known as Meta) working on distributed systems consistency, consensus, and transactions. His research has appeared in top-tier systems conferences (e.g., OSDI, SOSP, and VLDB) as well as the Voice Foundation Symposium. A classically-trained tenor, Xiao is particularly passionate about the oratorio and contemporary art song repertoire. He was a national semifinalist and the New England region winner at NATS (2022). In addition to consulting on research and teaching voice, Xiao enjoys spending his time playing with his friends’ dogs. (www.shixiao.org)