Xavier Bueno


Xavier Nathaniel Bueno was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, and was raised in Visalia California. Bueno always had a love for music since learning his first instrument, the clarinet when he was 9. Later Bueno picked up a guitar and began composing his own music when he
was 13. Bueno’s love for composing was realized in his junior year of high school his high school jazz performed an arraignment he made for a public audience. Bueno won several awards after his passion for composing had been revealed. These awards include the Visual and
Performing Arts Award from the Visalia Unified School District, An Audience Award during Fresno’s 5th Annual Art Song Competition, and a scholarship from CSU Summer Arts. Bueno has recently graduated from Fresno State with a B.A. in Music Theory and Composition and is interested in composing for visual media and youth music groups. Bueno is still composing and performing in the Central Valley.