Russell Nickerson

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Cosmic Cowboy—Boston 2022

Consulting in the robotics space as Collabots, Russell has worked with Cirque Du Soleil, Fan Expo (ComicCon) and countless events. With over 10 years in the robotics industry he has been behind the stage curtain at many high profile events such as America’s Got Talent and the NEVYs. Prior, Russell had worked for Softbank Robotics who made humanoid robots Pepper and NAO. Currently Russell’s day job is at MassRobotics where he assists robotics startups, large corporate companies, investors, academics and policymakers to bring robots to life. Russell continues to imagine, build and repair new robots and their applications moonlighting as Collabots. When Cerise reached out to bring a robot into Cosmic Cowboy, there was no one better skilled than “Robo Russ”.