Nathaniel Plesner


Originally from New York City, Nathaniel Plesner is currently a student at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, studying Game Art and Animation. Coming from a primarily a visual arts background, he also participated and had a passion in vocal performance and theater. Having the chance to study under individuals such as Malena Dayen, Marc Smith, and Bolor Amgalan he was able to further develop into a multidisciplinary artist. In 2021, alongside the United Nations International School, Nathaniel amongst a myriad of other students was able to display his work at the Caelum Gallery in Unmuted!, focusing on the exploration of identity, self reflection, and reconnection with childhood.

As part of Northeastern’s co-op program, Nathaniel began working with White Snake Project and will be his premier professional position in this field. He has contributed to aiding in the development and design for supplemental materials, and organization for Monkey and other White Snake Project productions.