Naomi Wilson

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I had one sister, who died at the tender age of 19 from lung Cancer. My parents, (both deceased) were happily married for 50 yrs. In my teen years, I became addicted to drugs and alcohol, which by making wrong choices, landed me in prison. I was sentenced to life without the possibilities of parole. While in prison, I changed my way of thinking, and went back to school where I obtained my GED. I then furthered my education by attending College Classes, where I obtained an Associates Degree in Business, and Certificate in Para Legal. Throughout my years in prison ( 37 yrs) I played piano for the Chapel Services, and directed our many Choirs. After my 5th attempt at Commutation, I was released from prison in 2019 by the Board of Pardons. I now work for the Lt. Gov., John Fetterman, (of Pennsylvania) as a Commutation Specialist, and I am also employed by Jeff Bohn (Shining Light) as their Program Consultant. Music is still very much a part of my existence.