Mengliu Lu

3D Modeler

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Fractured Mosaics

Mengliu Lu is a 3D artist, who is passionate about bringing concept sketches to life in 3D using various digital design tools. She has multiple years of experience working on different VR, PC, and mobile game projects. Her enthusiasm for building new skills and exploring new possibilities has helped her develop her own techniques and processes in creating 3D art without limit. After successful completion of her Bachelor of Arts degree in Interactive Media: Game Art at Becker College, Mengliu is now pursuing a Master’s degree of Fine Arts in Interactive Media at Clark University. She specializes in 3D modeling, sculpting, texturing, rigging and animation. Her work includes in-game assets (both hard-surface and organic), characters, environment art, and animations. Believing in the power of visual designs to communicate ideas and deliver messages, she is so thrilled to be part of the team.