Marieke de Koker


Marieke de Koker is a South African singer, composer and actress based in New York City. She was a 2021 Emerging Artist at the Windybrow Arts Center in South Africa where she was interviewed on the ETV morning show about her interdisciplinary piece Born of Angels, honoring Nelson Mandela in the wake of the 2021 national riots. In 2022 she joined the International Contemporary Ensemble’s Ensemble Evolution, performing improvisatory and experimental chamber works as well as new premieres. Her 2021 song cycle Never Again (a collaboration with Kenyan poet Valentine Kizito) won the DePaul Concerto Competition and will receive an orchestral premiere in Chicago this coming Spring. In Fall 2023 Marieke will be premiering three new song cycles: Blessed Be Our Martyrs, Earth Child and The Curse of Eve. Marieke has performed in opera workshops, world premieres, off-Broadway shows and classical operas. She has appeared with RSG radio, Brooklyn Theatre TV, Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra, Johannesburg Opera, Bronx Opera, Overtone Industries, Shakespeare Opera Theater, Really Spicy Opera, Windy City Performing Arts, the Art Song Preservation Society of New York, the Mosaic Composer’s Collective and the Academy of Fortepiano Performance. Marieke is a founding board member of Canadian queer opera company Opéra Queens. As Publishing Team Lead at the Àkójọpọ̀ Music Foundation she is leading the development of a new ecommerce publishing platform for Pan-African composers.