Kristen Connolly

Costume Designer

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Kristen Connolly takes fun very seriously. She is an outside the box thinker and cinephile who loves to craft one-of-a-kind costumes. She believes that good art can change perspectives. Undaunted by small budgets or big ideas, she strives to create costumes that are memorable and make an impact.

​Since receiving a BFA in fashion design from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2008, Kristen has been a passionate and creative artist, starting out making costumes for student films, local theaters, and even boudoir shoots and burlesque dancers before having the opportunity to create for local opera companies, where she really found her creative voice.

Her resourcefulness comes from her parents. Her father is a fine woodworker and school engineering teacher and her mother, and grandmother, were both specialty cake makers, who taught her the importance of being creative, meticulous and detail-oriented. With her unique set of skills, Kristen Connolly sets out to create costumes that are truly authentic and unforgettable.

​Working in the opera world opened up a new realm of possibilities, the chance to work with diverse creative teams and to push the boundaries of her creativity – taking on puppets, electrical elements and unusual materials with enthusiasm. With each project, she looks forward to learning something new and continuing to develop her skills.