Jasmine Chen

Puppeteer / Kung Fu Soloist

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Jasmine Chen is a Boston-based visual artist, and student of martial arts at Calvin Chin Martial Arts Academy in Newton, Mass. Originally from China, Jasmine was first introduced to kung-fu and qigong as a child, in her hometown of Beijing. She learned her first Taichi form outdoors from Master Zhijun Yu of Yang-style Taichi. She studied math and economics at Harvard (B.A.) and Brandeis (PhD) before finding her vocation as a visual artist, working on multiple media, by often making large scale expressive and figurative abstract paintings. Her work incorporates the many facets of living in and between contemporary Chinese and American cultures. She rediscovered her childhood passion for traditional martial arts as a mother, taking classes with her two children at Calvin Chin Martial Arts Academy. The practice of Wu style Taichi and Hung Gar kung fu drew her spirits closer to home, and inspired and enriched her visual art.