Jamie Klenetsky-Fay


Jamie Klenetsky Fay is a vocalist, composer, and passionate advocate of new music. She creates thought-provoking experiences for audiences about meaningful topics, including climate change, immigration, and gentrification.

She’s a long-time member of the ASCAP Adventurous Programming Award-winning C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, where she’s sung in over 60 premieres of new work. Her choral and vocal compositions have been performed across the United States by C4, C3LA, and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, among others.

Jamie’s premiered multiple choral pieces with C4, including “Seawall,” which has been performed in United States, France, and Scotland. Her latest piece, “The Ogre,” was written in collaboration with the artist Zsuzsanna Ardó and will premiere in Manhattan in March 2024.

Jamie lives in New Jersey with her husband and two cats, and works as a civic technologist for federal government agencies.