Gage Domhoff

After working on Cerise Jacob’s last technological behemoth PermaDeath, Gage is back again to breathe life into the new fantastical world that she has created. He is a QA tester by day in the video game industry and an independent game designer and artist by night. Hoping to one day bring his own creations to life with his many artistic talents that range from 3D animation, 3D modeling, painting, drawing, and video game design.

He draws much of his inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Studio Ghibli Films, Adventure Time, the Gorillaz, and the webcomic Octopus Pie. When he is not pursuing his dreams, he spends his time hiking, reading in a book club, playing competitive video games, trying to win at poker, and dancing at night clubs. He graduated from Becker College in 2018 and he now resides in Austin Texas, and yes, he is part cowboy.