Elias Ibrahim Dagher


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Pianist Elias Dagher values music’s power to tell stories and build community. He lives in Quincy, MA. In 2022, Elias completed a two year fellowship at Bard College, where he worked daily with both vocalists and instrumentalists in his role as a collaborative pianist. He spent the summers of 2022 and 23 as a piano fellow at the Tanglewood Music Center. In January 2023, Elias and bass-baritone Michael Alexander Aoun presented two song recitals in Lebanon, at the Nabu Museum and the Lebanese American University of Beirut. Elias holds degrees from Columbia University (where he participated in the Exchange Program with Juilliard) and New England Conservatory. Some of Elias’s most influential teachers have included Eugene Kaminsky, Jeffrey Goldberg, Julian Martin, Jerome Lowenthal, Alexander Korsantia, Vivian Weilerstein, Cameron Stowe, Erika Switzer, and Kayo Iwama. Elias also plays the mbira dzavadzimu, a plucked instrument of metal keys wound over a wooden soundboard. The instrument comes from the Shona people of Zimbabwe.