Daniel Sabzghabaei

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Cosmic Cowboy—Boston 2022

Daniel Reza Sabzghabaei (دانیال رضا سبزقبایی) (ASCAP) is a creator whose work aims to emphasize the malleability of time and how we experience it. His music has been performed and commissioned by organizations including: Intimacy of Creativity Festival, International Contemporary Ensemble, Beth Morrison Projects, New York Festival of Song, Israeli Chamber Project, [Switch~ Ensemble], Guerilla Opera, Pro Coro Canada, TAK Ensemble, Contemporaneous, Moab Music Festival, VocalEssence, Voices of Change, The Esoterics, Busan Choral Festival, and ICon Arts Festival, to name a few. Lately, Daniel has been studying and taking increasing inspiration from Persian melodic and rhythmic systems, folk music, art, and poetry. Daniel is currently a doctoral student and Sage Fellow at Cornell University.