Brian Brown


Brian Brown is an emerging composer/collaborator from Lakeland, Florida whose work often explores organic processes of gradual transformation. In his Piano Fantasy No. 1, he permutes dense, brooding chord clusters by slowly changing individual pitches and shapeshifting the works sonic atmosphere. As an alumnus of the National YoungArts Foundation, he is deeply interested in the intersections of the various artistic disciplines and has done collaborative work with both film and visual art. He demonstrates his kaleidoscopic style in film scores and sound design, crafting unnerving synth atmospheres for psychological thrillers like Shaken and weaving lo-fi bedroom-studio aesthetics with Britell-esque stylings in coming-of-age indie drama Black and White Make Grey. Brian received his BM in Music Composition from Florida State University where he studied with Stephan Montague, Mark Wingate, Clifton Callendar, and Liliya Ugay. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree at Stony Brook University where he studies with Matthew Barnson and Nirmali Fenn.