Anika Nayak

Stage Manager

Anika Nayak (They/She) is a Boston-based theater artist focusing on Stage Management, Electrician Work, and Teaching. Her mixed heritage as a Jewish and Indian woman has taught her the brilliance of community and belonging, which to her is found and transformed by theatre. Anika’s love for theater began as a young child taking classes at Wheelock Family Theatre and traveling the world with Anikaya Dance Theatre. They grew up surrounded by art and with a deep love and admiration for creative language and communication. 

Since beginning their work, Anika has found a deep passion for stage management, sewing the pieces of theater into a tapestry of stories. She focuses on creating non hierarchical and collaborative spaces in which theater and art can be created and experienced as what she believes is at its core, a universal language of being. 

Anika most recently has been the Production Stage Manager for MONKEY with White Snake Projects, a resident Master Electrician for Moonbox Theater, the Technical Director and Stage Manager for Anikaya Dance Theatre, and a returning teaching and theater artist at Wheelock Family Theater. Their work has taken them throughout Massachusetts as well as internationally to Ramallah (Palestine), Cape Town (South Africa), Maputo (Mozambique), and Kolkata (India), with upcoming work in Tunisia. She is currently pursuing a certificate in Intimacy Direction and Choreography as the next step in expanding her theater repertoire and creating safe and inclusive workspaces. For more information please visit her website anikanayak.org!