Announcing Ticket Sales for Monkey

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects:

Tickets are on sale TODAY for Monkey, A Kung Fu Puppet Parable. YAY!!! It’s an amazing show so be sure you get your tickets. We know it’s amazing because when do you ever see “MONKEY,” “KUNG FU,”, and “PUPPET,” all together in one phrase? I daresay, never, except for now!

Monkey is the story of a mischievous rapscallion, an anti-hero who embarks on a quest with two comrades-in-arms, a sand demon, Sha, and a pig, Zhu, as protectors of a monk who is tasked by Buddha to retrieve the holy Sutras. Well, wouldn’t you believe it, they are waylaid by all sorts of devils, demons and unmentionables who cook up plots and schemes galore which our intrepid friends dispose of with aplomb. They will delight and entertain you with their antics and artistry, as they sing, dance, and fight their way into your hearts and minds, daring you not to love them wholly.

These three adventurers exist on stage as live opera singers, computer generated 3D avatars and life-sized puppets. This is a once in a lifetime not-to- be-missed experience for the entire family.

We can’t wait to bring this unique show to you. Here’s a sneak peak at our wonderful puppets!

See you at the opera!

Be safe, be well, be excited!
Cerise and all of us at White Snake Projects, An Activist Opera Company