A Nap-By-The-Beach Kind of Guy

Remembering Mohammad Jawed
By his daughters, Ghazal, Hannah and Fareen


Our dad was born in Pakistan
He became a doctor and settled in Corbin, Kentucky
Where he practiced for 23 years
He was game for just about anything
I wanted to paint his toenails
He was, like, “OK”
Just really chill
A nap-by-the beach kind of guy

Our dad had blood cancer
But he worked during chemo
He always told us
“Whatever you do, do something you’re good at
Don’t do something you aren’t passionate about”

He continued to see patients during the pandemic
And became sick himself
We had only one visit with him in the hospital
And as many families had to do
We said goodbye on a video call

If we could speak to him again
We’d tell him not to worry about us
We going to be OK
Dad, we’re going to be OK


Mohammad Jawed died of Covid-19 on October 31, 2020. He was 59.