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White Snake Projects Announces Opera Performances and Community Events, Sep-Dec 2024

“WE ARE AMERICA” 2024 ELECTION YEAR THEME SING OUT STRONG: Emancipated Voices (Sep 15) free musical showcase of citizens’ original songs – “What Does Voting Mean To You?” IS THIS AMERICA? Fully-Staged Opera World Premiere (Sep 20-22) composed by 85-year-old Black female composer… Read More

Domme & Giovanni Is A Triumph!

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects: We closed our 2023-24 season with the irreverent, colorful, sexy dark comedy, Domme & Giovanni, a take-off of Mozart’s Don Giovanni! Those lucky… Read More

Announcing Ticket Sales for Monkey

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects: Tickets are on sale TODAY for Monkey, A Kung Fu Puppet Parable. YAY!!! It’s an amazing show so be sure you get your tickets. We know it’s amazing because when do you ever see “MONKEY,” “KUNG FU,”, and “PUPPET,” all together in one phrase?… Read More

Announcing White Snake Project's 2023/24 Season

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects: We are so proud to announce our second full season. YAY! And a special thank you to all who made our first season a success. We start off in September with the amazing, family-friendly opera MONKEY: A Kung Fu Puppet Parable. Read More