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We Did It!

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects: We did it! We completed our three performance run of Cosmic Cowboy with no casualties to Covid-19 (thank you Sumerian gods, our Covid Health Liaison, Stephen Jackson, and our team who followed all the protocols). We only had to struggle, as always with our… Read More

Major Funding from Creative Capital

So happy and proud that Brent Michael Davids, with the support and help from White Snake Projects, has won a major Creative Capital grant. We will be producing his powerful and moving Requiem for America. http://www.requiemforamerica.com/blog/major-funding-from-creative-capital… Read More

I Am A Dreamer Gets Pittsburgh Premiere

I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams is back! YAY! It’s opening in Pittsburgh October 14-16 and I cannot wait to see it again. Produced by Resonance Works and conducted by Dreamer conductor, Maria Sensi Sellner, it’s just as relevant… Read More

Announcing White Snake Project's 2022/23 Season

Thanks to a recently announced $750k grant from the Mellon Foundation, Cerise Jacobs and her activist opera company, White Snake Projects (WSP), are pleased to announce their first complete season of performances in 2022-23. Kicking off the season is Cosmic Cowboy, a poli sci-fi opera composed by award-winning MIT… Read More