First Dress Rehearsal for “Alice in the Pandemic

Dear Friends of White Snake Projects:

We had our first dress rehearsal last night!  It was so gratifying to see the different elements of the show coalesce – from the 3D animations, projections, electronics, orchestra, and children’s chorus to the sheer artistry of our singers which brought the show to life.

Working in the digital medium with creatives and artists in remote locations is so much harder than I ever imagined.  There have been occasions along the way when I’ve wondered what could have possessed me to think that this was possible?  I’ve watched my team in awe, wondering who these crazy brilliant people are, what impels them to take that leap into the unknown with me, and how in the world we’re going to pull this off.  We’re daredevils, pioneers, mad men and women;  we’re day dreamers and night dreamers with impossibly huge dreams;  we’re believers that anything is possible when we focus on our craft together, amplifying our strengths and minimizing our weaknesses.  We are making this happen and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve done!

Be well, be safe,
Cerise and all of us at White Snake Projects,
An Activist Opera Company

Check out some photos from our first dress rehearsal!