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Now for Some Good News

In these pandemic times where good news is scarce, we’re overjoyed to share with you some great news on the White Snake front! Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Responding to Challenge of COVID-19 Crisis, Creator and Librettist Cerise Jacobs and White Snake Projects Pivot from Live Performance to Virtual Opera with Premiere of Alice in the Pandemic (Oct 22–27)

As COVID-19 plays havoc with arts programming around the globe, creator and librettist Cerise Jacobs and her activist opera company, White Snake Projects, are once again pointing the way ahead, with a nimble pivot to sidestep the uncertainty surrounding fall programming. Read More

Working Towards Justice and Equality for All

Today we honor and celebrate Juneteenth, as well a victory for Dreamers. We renew our pledge as an activist opera company to support and work for #BlackLivesMatter and towards a day when there is truly justice and equality for all. Read More

A Call to Action

It’s difficult to find words to describe how precious breath is. For the last two months, we’ve heard heart-wrenching testimony from health care professionals as they watched their patients struggle to breathe. “I’ll never take each breath for granted again,” Ashley Crumpler, Critical Care Nurse from Atlanta, said. Last week, we saw George Floyd struggle to breathe as a police officer charged with protecting us knelt on his neck and crushed the breath out of him. “I can’t breathe,” are words we cannot, and should not, forget. Read More

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