White Snake Projects, (formerly the Friends of Madame White Snake) brings diverse, timely and relevant opera, based on original stories by Cerise Jacobs, to Boston’s mainstage over the next five years. Like the legendary White Snake demon who becomes human to live intensely, White Snake Projects transforms our present day experiences into passionate new opera made in America. We believe there is no better way to bridge the chasms of race, national origin and gender then through a reimagined art form combining cutting edge technology, music, theater, and dance. We kicked off our ambitious strategy in Ouroboros Trilogy, a trio of grand operas, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning Madame White Snake, in September 2016. Upcoming projects include REV. 23 (Sep 2017), PermaDeath (2018) and MONKEY, a Kung Fu Puppet Parable (2019).

A 501(c)(3) Corporation Dedicated To Building Bridges Through the Arts

White Snake Projects (previously Friends of Madame White Snake) is a grassroots organization of individuals who are inspired by the story of one individual’s yearning for that one bright life defining moment that illuminates who we are and gives meaning to our existence. The White Snake’s transformation from demon to human to experience that most human of all emotions – love –is a meditation on what it means to be human, a meditation that continues in us all.

There is no more effective tool for cross-cultural understanding than cultural immersion through music, drama and dance. In 2007, the Friends began to forge alliances with Boston community groups for outreach and education programs to build bridges between the Asian and mainstream American communities through multicultural projects.

White Snake Projects was instrumental in raising the money to fund their first multicultural project with Opera Boston, Madame White Snake, a new American opera based on the ancient Chinese Legend of the White Snake, and to sponsor its tour to the Beijing Music Festival. Madame White Snake premiered in Boston and Beijing in 2010 and won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in Music for its composer, Zhou Long.

Building on the success of Madame White Snake, White Snake Projects is now embarking on an ambitious five year commissioning program to create new American opera based on original stories by Cerise Jacobs, to Boston’s mainstage. This project kicked off in 2016 with OUROBOROS Trilogy which comprises three operas – Madame White SnakeNaga and Gilgamesh. It premiered at the Cutler Majestic Theater on September 10, 2016 to great excitement and acclaim. As part of OUROBOROS’ activities, the Friends of Madame White Snake held libretti readings by local celebrities in Boston’s Chinatown and hosted a concert and lecture on the Ouroboros at the Boston Athenaeum.

2017 brings REV. 23, a farcical hellish opera which traverses hell, paradise-on-earth and everywhere in between. White Snake Projects hosted community events involving discussion of concepts of good and evil, heaven and hell in Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. Please visit the PROJECTS section of this website for a full discussion of all our projects.

We are grateful for our past collaborations with Opera Boston, Arts Emerson, New England Conservatory, Beth Morrison Projects, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, the Boston Mayor’s Office, the City of Hangzhou, China, Boston Children’s Museum, Boston University Music Department, the Brookline Public Library, and Primary Source. We continue to renew old alliances and forge new ones. We are proud to be collaborating today with Becker College, Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Lesley College, Boston Lyric Opera, Celebrity Series, New England Conservatory, Boston Baroque, Boston Midsummer Opera, and many others.

It has been a remarkable journey, and it continues…

We hope you will join us.


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